Conservation Metallurgy


Forensic Engineering Contributes to Heritage Conservation

Conservation metallurgy applies forensic engineering and metallurgical principals to the conservation, preservation, and rehabilitation of historic buildings, machines, and artifacts. Testlabs International’s analytical resources can be used in private or public collections where limited, or no information is available. Our services include:

Metallurgical analysis to identify the composition and mechanical properties of old components

Coatings (Paint) analysis to determine colour, thickness and composition, including the presence of lead. We can also identify all previous layers of coating
Composition analysis and thickness measurements of metallic coatings

The Golden Boy

We performed physical testing and analysis to identify the composition of the bronze alloy used to cast the Golden Boy statue that stands atop the Manitoba Legislative Building. We also provided a condition assessment and repair procedures for the project.

Grain Exchange Building

Materials testing and analysis identified the presence of a protective zinc sheeting around the top of the building. Recommendations were provided to preserve this layer when removing layers of paint.

Dr. Wayne Tennesey, P. Eng, President of Testlabs International, has a deep interest in architecture, art and design, and woodworking. His expertise is readily adaptable to conservation testing and analysis.

To find out how Testlabs can help your conservation project, contact Dr. Tennesey today.