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About Us

Responsive, Reliable & Results-Driven

Located in the heart of North America—Winnipeg, Manitoba—Testlabs International is an experienced forensic and metallurgical engineering company. Since 1987, we’ve provided specialized laboratory and in situ materials testing, failure analysis, and related professional services to a broad range of private and public industries in Canada and the United States.

As President of Testlabs International, Dr. Wayne Tennesey, P. Eng., leads a team of engineers and technicians in delivering accurate and reliable reports based on rigorous scientific testing and results-driven analysis.

Dr. Wayne W. Tennesey, P.Eng., has over 30+ years of experience as a metallurgical, corrosion, and mechanical engineer. He routinely oversees and performs metallurgical fracture/failure analysis, corrosion engineering, forensic engineering, accident and fire investigations, materials testing and sophisticated fatigue and heat treating design for insurance, legal and industrial clients. He has also published and presented papers in the areas of failure analysis of metals and coatings, fracture mechanics, corrosion of stainless steel and orthopedic surgical implants, and coating failures.

Trust Our Experience

As a professional engineering firm, Testlabs follows the guidelines and
meets the standards of leading industry groups. Our engineering staff are members of prominent industry organizations:

ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
ASME – American Society for Mechanical Engineers
CSA – Canadian Standards Association
NACE – National Association of Corrosion Engineers
SSPC – The Society for Protective Coatings
SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers
APEO – Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario
ASM – American Society for Metals International
NACE – National Association of Corrosion Engineers
SPE – Society of Plastics Engineers
SSPC – The Society for Protective Coatings
NAFI – National Association of Fire Investigators

APEGM – Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba