Scanning Electron Microscopy


Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy

Testlabs International’s scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a highly powerful microscope, with magnification capabilities in the range of 50 to 100,000X.

Our SEM uses an electron beam in conjunction with an electron probe, scanning the sample with a beam of electrons to create a visual image. The SEM allows for views of fractured surfaces or corroded specimens at very high magnifications, and at greater depths of field than what is possible by optical microscopy. Equipped with a dispersive energy X-ray (EDX) system capable of providing instant chemical analysis, the SEM is a valuable instrument in the field of failure and corrosion analysis.

EDX Chemical Analysis

The scanning electron microscope, used in conjunction with an energy dispersive X-ray analysis system, is useful for determining a sample’s bulk chemical composition and determining the microchemical composition of contaminants present.

The EDX system is a useful tool for analyzing corrosion products to understand what in the environment is causing the corrosion problem. A second scenario is analyzing contaminant particles (as small as metal filings or slivers) in food products to determine the source of the contamination.