Testing Capabilities

Measuring Coating Thickness

Coating Testing and Failure Analysis - Coating Thickness Test
Elcometer coating thickness gauge in use to determine the powder-coating thickness on a steel L-channel.
Coating Testing and Failure Analysis - Adhesion Test
Coating adhesion test with an Elcometer Pull-Off Adhesion Tester of an automotive primer and top coat on a stainless steel body panel.

Inspecting coating thicknesses on materials is a non-destructive method of measuring paints applied to metal substrates. Equipped with advanced digital thickness gauges, Testlabs International measures applied coatings with precision and accuracy.

Determining coating thickness can confirm if the applied coating meets the original specification—dry film thickness (DFT)—and is an essential step in coating failure analysis.








Coating Adhesion

A coating adhesion test is used to determine the force of the bond between the substrate and the coating, or between multiple layers of a coating system.

Coating adhesion tests are a critical component of coating failure analysis.  Coating adhesion failures may occur at the coating interface with the substrate, or between multiple layers of the coating system: i.e. Between the primer and the top coat.