Dr. Wayne W. Tennesey, P. Eng.

Forensic Engineer and Metallurgist

Professional Credentials

Ph. D., University of Manitoba, Metallurgical Sciences Laboratory, 1982
M. Sc., Corrosion Engineering, University of Manitoba, 1972
B. Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of Manitoba, 1969

Professional Associations

Registered Professional Engineer, Province of Manitoba (APEGM), 1972
Certified Fire Investigator, Reg. No. 3342-306, 1990
Registered Professional Engineer, Province of Ontario, 1996
Registered Professional Engineer, Province of Alberta, 2005
Registered Professional Engineer, Province of Saskatchewan, 2006

Member National Association of Corrosion Engineers, NACE
Member Steels Structures Painting Counsel, SSPC

Dr. Wayne W. Tennesey has practiced as a metallurgical and mechanical engineer as well as a corrosion engineer over 39 years. For 20 years, Dr. Tennesey has been President of Testlabs International Ltd. He routinely performs metallurgical fracture/failure analysis, corrosion engineering, forensic engineering, accident and fire investigations, materials testing and sophisticated fatigue and heat treating design for insurance, legal and industrial clients. He has published and presented papers in the areas of failure analysis of metals and coatings, fracture mechanics, corrosion of stainless steel and orthopedic surgical implants, and coating failures.