Testing Capabilities

Coating Inspection

Coating Testing and Failure Analysis - Coating Thickness Test
Elcometer coating thickness gauge in use to determine the powder-coating thickness on a steel L-channel.
Coating Testing and Failure Analysis - Adhesion Test
Coating adhesion test with an Elcometer Pull-Off Adhesion Tester of an automotive primer and top coat on a stainless steel body panel.

Coating Thickness Measurement

Coating thickness inspection is a non-destructive method for the measurement of coatings applied to metal substrates. Testlabs International Ltd. is equipped with up-to-date digital coating thickness gauges to measure applied coatings with the greatest precision and accuracy.

Determining the thickness of a coating can determine if the application of the coating (paint) meets the original specification (Dry Film Thickness, DFT) , and is an integral step in a coating failure analysis.








Coating Adhesion

A coating adhesion test is used to determine the force of the bond between the substrate and the coating, or between multiple layers of a coating system.

Coating adhesion tests are a critical component of coating failure analysis.  Coating adhesion failures may occur at the coating interface with the substrate, or between multiple layers of the coating system: i.e. Between the primer and the top coat.