Testing Capabilities

Cathodic Protection Inspection

Cathodic protection inspection of a water service entry - new construction
Cathodic Protection Inspection during the construction phase of a new building to verify that buried pipe was adequately protected, prior to backfilling and landscaping.
Cathodic protection inspection of a buried sprinkler riser pipe
Cathodic Protection Inspection of a buried fire protection system riser pipe.

Cathodic protection systems are installed to protect structures from corrosion. Cathodic protection systems are either impressed current, or galvanic (sacrificial anode) which preferentially corrode in order to protect the structure such as a buried pipe, tanks, and other submerged structures.

Testlabs performs cathodic protection system inspections at the time of installation & new building construction, and also performs periodic cathodic protection inspections to ensure that the systems continue to work properly to adequately cathodically protect the specified buried pipes, tanks, or other structures.

Cathodic protection system inspections are a cost effective preventative maintenance solution, and help prevent unscheduled shutdowns, premature remediation or replacement, or environmental catastrophes.